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The Void Wars Continue

Kamakaze has been hard at work fixing bugs and making improvements to Voidwars.

Voidwars is a free-to-play space combat strategy game that can be played with only your web browser. A game of Voidwars takes place in real time and generally lasts a month or so. You just need to log in a few times per day, check on your empire issue your orders etc.

It's a far cry from the basic featured game that it once was. It's been slowly evolving to a really rather cool game. Changes to the way research works mean you no longer have to wake up at some silly hour to set the next research going; the tech tree UI lets you define precisely what your scientists should do to advance your technology.

Another nice new feature is the ability to speed up construction of buildings and ships by spending money. This can help you to develop newly acquired planets into useful outposts much faster.

Endless tweaking, balancing and revamps of the combat system have made for some very strategic space battles. A collection of different weapon and armour types, along with different classes of ship hulls means that there is no one winning strategy for building your fleet. But of course focussing on building just one type of ship will leave you vulnerable to someone who notices this. A balanced fleet is often best.

I'm no expert though, as I've yet to actually win a game…

If you've played Voidwars before, now might be the time to give it another go. And if you haven't, well… what are you waiting for?

There's a trial game available (it resets once every week) to get a feel for what the game is like before you commit to a full game.

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