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I was talking to one of my friends in World of Warcraft today. He and I are both members of the same guild and have been for at least a year and a half. It came up in our conversation that the game that he'd really want to play (if it existed) would be a sequel to Anarchy Online. He lamented the lack of decent space-based games of that type currently available.

I suggested (half-jokingly) that he should really play Voidwars.

"That name sounds familiar."

I had mentioned Voidwars on our guild's forum before so I suggested maybe that was where he'd seen it.

"No, it was before that. I'm pretty sure I've played it before... It's kind of a top-down view with planets, research and fleets. You set things in motion and then check back later."

I had to admit it did sound eerily familiar... could it be?

"I played it back in its second round. It was a pretty cool game..."

"...though I don't like what the developers did with it. They added too much stuff and it became kinda complex."

I have to admit he's not the only person to have said that. He proceeded to explain a bit more in detail why he preferred the older, simpler version.

At this point I was killing myself with laughter. I could no longer contain myself and said "ok, I guess I'll bring it up at our next development meeting".

Needless to say, much laughing ensued and certain "foot in mouth" comments from my friend. Anyway he went to the Voidwars website and confirmed that yes, we were in fact talking about the same game. He had played in Game 2 back in mid 2003. I mentioned that not only was I the original creator of the game, but that GwieF (who is also in the same WoW guild) and Kam (who isn't, but he has met in game) were also developers and administrators of it.

So, in conclusion: it's an amazingly small world, and you'll never quite know if you've met someone before in a previous guise...

The above quotes are from memory. In all the excitement I forgot to make a record of the conversation.

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  • Stefan (2007-03-26 09:39:47 UTC)

    and who was it?