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Norway trip: Day 1

Saturday 23rd July

The trip to Oslo went pretty smoothly. I arrived at Aberdeen with plenty of time to spare, and used the wireless access point (£5 for 15 minutes — not exactly cheap, but certainly useful) to get on IRC to find out where I was supposed to be meeting Hixie.

After having my shoes checked at customs (I guess they must have looked like a suspicious pair of shoes), I boarded the flight to Stavanger, Norway. I was surprised to find that it was a propellor aircraft (and a very noisy one at that — still, I got a good view from the window which was directly next to the starboard propellor. The cloud cover was quite thick, and from above looked like a nice fluffy carpet to walk on... but I digress.

I arrived in Stavanger just in time to board the flight to Oslo. This was aboard a much quieter 737-500, and gave me some great views over the landscape of Norway (though I had to strain my neck a bit to see them).

Getting to Oslo city centre from the airport was very easy, the 'Flytoget' service runs many times an hour, and the automated ticket machines are multi-lingual.

I arrived at the arranged meeting point outside the station and waited. And waited. But there was no sign of Hixie. Eventually, I was contacted (indirectly) by Kamakaze and he came to meet me. Turns out that Hixie had decided to meet me at the airport but had managed to miss me. ☺

I'm now staying at Kamakaze and Hixie's place for the next week.

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