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Into the Fire

Mozilla Firefox has now been downloaded 50,000,000 (50 million) times since it was released in December last year!

Just to show how much of an impact Firefox is making, here's some browser statistics for this month from a couple of websites that I maintain:

Browser usage statistics for April 2005 on www.printedmusic.net
User Agent Usage
MS Internet Explorer 86.6%
Firefox 8.7%
Unknown 2.6%
Safari 0.9%
Mozilla 0.4%
Netscape 0.2%
Opera 0.1%
Browser usage statistics for April 2005 on www.spartanpress.co.uk
User Agent Usage
MS Internet Explorer 81.0%
Firefox 11.4%
Netscape 2.7%
Safari 1.7%
Unknown 1.1%
Opera 0.7%
Mozilla 0.6%
Camino 0.3%

Keep in mind that (unlike this site), these are not the websites typically visited by a large proportion of early adopters where Firefox percentages have been seen to be much larger.

The days of IE6 holding back the development of the web will last for a while longer yet, but the success of Firefox means it'll be years rather than decades. This is good news for all alternative browsers out there.

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