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About a week ago Opera Software released Opera 8 to the masses. Being that I'm a web developer I should really give my impressions on this browser.

Unfortunately there's a slight problem with this. I currently connect to the Internet via Satellite (which incidentally is less than ideal for playing World of Warcraft), and something about this satellite connection causes major problems with HTTP Pipelining. I know this because I tried enabling it in Firefox once (it is not enabled by default in Firefox) and saw the results.

Opera 8, in its infinite wisdom, uses pipelining by default. This is the result:

The images on the web pages (where the server supports pipelining) appear jumbled up, images from one part of the page have been used as an image in another part of the page.  With a page that uses a lot of images the result can be quite entertaining.

Well no problem, surely there must be a way to disable it in the preferences? Well, if there is, it's far too well-hidden for me.

Posted: 2005-04-26 00:25:37 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (0) | Comments (1)




  • Xiven (Registered) (2009-10-07 10:27:36 UTC)

    For future reference, this has for some time been possible to disable by going to opera:config#Performance|EnablePipelining and unticking the box.