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Voidwars ticker graph

Image: graph of red wiggly line that suddenly stops at a blue vertical line followed by lots of other blue vertical lines

Blue vertical lines are bad.

For the curious, the graph shows the time to run each tick on Voidwars in seconds (y-axis) with the most recent tick being at the far right. Each blue vertical line is a tick that failed to complete.

P.S. if the above image appears too wide and sticks outside the edge of this post, you probably need to upgrade to a web browser that actually understands “max-width”.

Posted: 2005-02-02 01:42:44 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (0) | Comments (3)




  • Eaglehawk (2005-02-02 05:38:17 UTC)

    It wasn't me!!! (This time anyway)

  • Kye (2005-02-02 05:44:14 UTC)

    You know, I almost forgot about that!

  • Xiven (Registered) (2005-02-02 11:07:13 UTC)

    Heh. Of course back in those days ticks often took up to 30 seconds to complete (in extreme cases in the very early days a tick could take more than 3 minutes - hence why if a tick dies without any error being flagged we wait 15 minutes before trying to run another just in case it is actually still running). Some serious code improvements as well as a vast reduction in the number of ships in the game has brought the number down somewhat.