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Final Heaven

For those who haven't seen it yet: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children trailer (via Shacknews) - BitTorrent needed to download.

What can I say but Ummm... wow. This should be fantastic! and When's it out?

Posted: 2004-05-15 04:13:19 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (0) | Comments (0)

Time flies

Who would have thought that an online Pictionary-type-game could be so addictive?

Posted: 2004-05-15 03:22:18 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (0) | Comments (0)

Reader's Digest

I've just made a couple of crucial fixes to my Digest Authentication PHP implementation (a workaround for yet another Internet Explorer bug, and a fix for the somewhat broken Basic Authentication support). Also, it should now gracefully degrade to Basic when used on a server where PHP is not installed as an Apache module.

I know that the Auth_HTTP PEAR module now has Digest Authentication support based partly on my code (thanks to the efforts of Rui Hirokawa), so if these issues haven't already been fixed in that, they might want to do so.

Posted: 2004-05-03 03:49:45 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (0) | Comments (0)


Finally figured out why XML-RPC pings have been broken since the last site upgrade. I was including the file containing the XML-RPC class from inside a function. D'oh!

Full pingback support will shortly return.

Posted: 2004-05-02 02:33:56 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (0) | Comments (0)

We have ways of making you restart your computer

In Windows XP SP2 RC1:

Dialog box - Title: Automatic Updates - Message: Updating your computer is almost complete.  You must restart your computer for the updates to take effect.  Do you want to restart your computer now? - Options: Restart Now / Restart Later

Nothing out of the ordinary about the above dialog box. Perfectly innocent.

Except for the fact that:

  1. It's actually an always-on-top window.
  2. Clicking Restart Later actually means Bug me again with this dialog box in 11 minutes time.
  3. With the default setting for Windows Automatic Updating, these updates are installed without even asking you first. Therefore the popping up of this dialog can be completely spontaneous.
  4. Every time it pops up it steals focus away from whatever you are doing, be it writing some stunning piece of code, losing at the game of your choice or even writing a weblog entry.
  5. Restart Now is the default action (so if you happen to have pressed enter just after the dialog appeared, it's restart time).

Posted: 2004-05-01 16:46:30 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (0) | Comments (59)