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Image:  a long distance shot of a house in the middle of the Scottish Highlands

I thought it was about time that I finally blogged about where I've been for the past 2 months…

The house in the above picture is where I currently live and work. Originally here for a 2 week contract to install a lovely new Linux server and to sort out various networking issues, I am currently charged with the task of replacing an ageing (but huge) MS-DOS database management system with a complete PHP/MySQL driven web-based intranet for the music publishing company known as Spartan Press.

Although it is still only a temporary job (length of contract indeterminate), I consider myself extremely lucky to be here: the work is good, the landscape is fantastic and all the people here are very friendly. A welcome change from being unemployed for a year anyway!

Image:  me driving a ride-on lawnmower in the grounds of the house

Plus I get to play with some fun toys. ☺

Posted: 2003-11-10 15:51:53 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (1) | Comments (34)


  • Lou (2005-10-14 17:33:25 UTC)

    Can I borrow your mower?

  • Max (2005-10-14 17:34:41 UTC)


  • Tom Oliver (2005-10-14 17:35:31 UTC)

    That is a nice mower you have there. Could I buy it for $3, light it on fire and sell it back to you for $50?

  • Tom again (2005-10-14 17:38:09 UTC)

    How about $40

  • Tommy Boy (2005-10-14 17:38:25 UTC)


  • Tom!! (2005-10-14 17:38:58 UTC)

    $20. Come on, Im desperate!!

  • Tom (2005-10-14 17:40:05 UTC)

    $10. Im really desparate. My wife died and my child left home.

  • Harold (2005-10-14 17:41:33 UTC)

    I'll give you 60!

  • Tom (2005-10-14 17:41:53 UTC)

    $4???? Im down on my knees begging

  • Tom (2005-10-14 17:43:48 UTC)

    Go away Harold. MY LAWNMOWER. MINE

  • Harold (2005-10-14 17:44:49 UTC)

    Then bid more money on it you tight ass.

  • Tom (2005-10-14 17:51:33 UTC)

    I live in a tent in the West Warratah caravan park. How do you expect me to pay more than $60

  • Xiven (2005-10-14 17:56:36 UTC)

    Going once....Going Twice.....Sold to Harold for $60

  • Tom (2005-10-14 17:57:20 UTC)


  • Toadie (2005-10-14 17:59:16 UTC)

    I represent Tom Oliver. I am going to get a sum of $12.55 from you over the coming weeks. Get ready to empty your bank account!

  • Xiven (Registered) (2005-10-18 23:56:31 UTC)

    Ok, now THAT was truly bizarre.

  • Mo Jangel (2005-10-21 17:19:29 UTC)

    What's so bizarre? Seriously, tell me, I don't see it.

  • Tom (2005-10-21 17:39:00 UTC)

    Its bizarre because that idiot Harold got my damn lawnmower. He doesnt need it. I will get Toadie to sue him as well.


    ...Please :)

  • Tom (2005-10-21 17:41:31 UTC)

    Check out my website. I had great plans for that lawnmower.

  • Tom (2005-10-22 13:52:17 UTC)

    Would you like to trade mowers??
    Here is a photo of my current one

  • Eliza (2005-11-22 14:31:51 UTC)

    I love Dan!

  • Kip James (2005-11-22 14:32:12 UTC)

    Hey, what's going on here?

  • Chris Sabin (2005-11-22 14:33:23 UTC)

    Hail Sabin!

  • Dan (2005-11-22 14:33:50 UTC)

    Oh thank you darling!

  • Kip James (2005-11-22 14:34:16 UTC)

    YOU...butt out!

  • Zip Names (2005-11-22 14:34:34 UTC)

    Bite me Kip!

  • Max (2005-11-22 14:35:50 UTC)

    Did you say something??!! I can't hear you!

  • Vixen (2005-11-22 14:36:48 UTC)

    Oh baby!

  • <font color=red>Max< (2005-11-22 14:38:23 UTC)


  • Anonymous (2005-11-22 14:40:11 UTC)

    Xiv, these idiots are spammin your site man.

  • Max (2005-11-22 14:44:03 UTC)

    Oh sure, go running to Xiven about it. If you'll excuse me we are trying to do business here.

  • Tom (2005-11-22 14:44:18 UTC)

    He deserved it. All I wanted was what is rightfully mine - The ride on lawnmower

  • Tom (2006-01-16 00:05:17 UTC)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    've been polite so where is my mower??

  • Tom Oliver again (2006-04-14 13:21:43 UTC)

    Please can I get that mower? I have been waiting for months for it. My lawn is taller than me, I really need the mower, more than anything else.

    Please, I am begging you.