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Haven't been posting very regularly lately have I? This month I have been mostly doing:

Renovating a house

Some relatives of mine have bought themselves a new house. It's a nice place: stone-built house in a pleasant village, comes with a barn.

Trouble is, the upstairs floors and joists have all needed replacing, the mortar in the walls has got damp and has had to be redone, so they've been doing a bit of building work and I've been lending some assistance). They've moved in now, but it's going to be quite some time before their work is done. All good fun.

Looking for jobs

Since a few months ago, I've been attending jobsearch sessions in Northampton 3 times a week with the Training Network Group as part of the New Deal scheme. This is because I had been on the unemployment register for over 6 months. I have to do 12 hours each week at this place sitting down, reading through the job sections of newspapers, searching the Internet for jobs and then of course applying for them.

It hasn't been pointless, as I have in fact had 5 interviews since I started attending and they have helped me improve my CV a bit. It does get quite tedious, but I can't complain.

Writing a website

I have written a website for an author but I need to find somewhere to host it. I was going to consider internic.co.uk (who hosted Queen's Temple Publications), but it seems that they are no longer hosting sites and they're directing me to some random American company (not quite sure exactly what's going on there).

Starting Voidwars Game 3

Ah yes, did I forget to mention? Voidwars Game 3 is now open for signups. Only 64 places are available this time around so sign up now!

Changes include: rebalancing of resources, revamped credit institute, reintroduction of alliance tax (+ new alliance joining fee), stars (each player starts in their own star system), plus various other minor changes and fixes.

Losing another hard drive

Now my video hard drive has died. Definitely being put off Maxtor hard drives at the moment.

Living without a car

This week I have been without my car since my extremely kind brother currently has it down in Croydon to repair the damage done when it was broken into. You certainly miss your freedom when you don't have it though...

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