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There is no car

Went to see Matrix Reloaded today (along with Kam and Amazon) at the Odeon cinema in Banbury. It was very very good. So much better than I was expecting. I have to say that I enjoyed it very much.

What I did not enjoy was getting a £25 parking ticket courtesy of Cherwell District Council.

The film was a little longer than I had anticipated and sadly, the 2 hour ticket that we bought was not sufficient. It would be nice if the car park that is located directly outside the cinema allowed you to buy tickets that are long enough for you to watch a film, but sadly 2 hours is the maximum ticket length.

Myself not being an expert in the layout of Banbury town centre I did not know where I could park that would have prevented me from getting a ticket, but I guess ignorance is no excuse...

So, this has been the most expensive film I've ever seen and I didn't even pay for the tickets.

Posted: 2003-05-29 10:27:27 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (0) | Comments (2)




  • Kai Hendry (2003-05-29 14:55:37 UTC)

    I paid 25EUR for a bad haircut the other day...

  • Phil (2003-05-31 10:29:39 UTC)

    Don't try and blame someone else for what you see in the mirror everyday...