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After some pretty thorough studying of the XHTML 2.0 working draft and after reading Hixie's thoughts on the matter I have come to the conclusion that, despite Mark's earlier tantrum on the issue, and my initial misgivings, XHTML 2 looks like a vast improvement over the current XHTML and HTML specs.

My personal favourites are as follows:

This is by no means a complete list of the good things about it. Those were just the things that really caught my attention.

I still have concerns about the ease of making the transition to XHTML 2 though. The early adopters (like myself - I fully intend to start using it the day after the final spec rolls out) are the ones who are going to "get it", since we'll have to provide XHTML 2 and legacy versions of the same documents until everyone's browsers support it (ie. till about 2023). This will be considerably more difficult than providing XHTML 1.1 and HTML 4 versions of the same document like I'm doing now, because of the large amount of structural changes that will be needed (specifically with regard to the <section> and <h> elements). Yes, I know no-one's forcing me to use XHTML 2 (just like no-one's forcing me to use XHTML 1.1 now), but I'm afraid that's just the way I am...

Posted: 2003-01-15 14:32:49 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (1) | Comments (0)