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Can someone please make IE not suck?

When I have a table of width:100% inside a fixed-size div, it would be rather nice if the table took up 100% of the div width and not 100% of the screen width. IE6 makes a feeble attempt at getting it right, but it only works (partly) if I make the table width:99% instead. IE5 makes the table disappear off the edge of the window creating a nice horizontal scrollbar.

This is just one out of my rather large list of complaints (I should write them all down actually - there's a thought) about Internet Explorer which will no doubt remain unfixed even in IE7 (after all, why would Microsoft want to listen to its users?) Now Mozilla is far from perfect, I will acknowledge that, but it's pretty darned good because when a bug is found, people actually try to fix it. I'm also looking forward to version 7 of Opera which, if they get it right, could become a very nice browser that might even be able to cope with Voidwars.

Posted: 2002-11-13 15:25:55 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (2) | Comments (0)