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Somehow I missed this one: mIRC version 6.17 was released back in February which adds the long-awaited UTF-8 support, finally bringing it up to date with other clients such as XChat and irssi. Yay!

After upgrading, some settings need to be changed to actually enable the UTF-8 support. A post on the mIRC Message Board details the changes required.

Of course, those still using version 6.16 or earlier will see gibberish when any non-ASCII characters are used, so I'd highly recommend upgrading.

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Yes I am still alive.

It's my first weblog entry for 2006 and lots of things have happened so I guess I should write something about at least some of them.


Well that was a long time ago now! It was the usual 'travel down to England to be with the family for a week' kind of thing. I met up with the uni crowd in Bath where good fun was had by all.


Came back to work straight after the Christmas trip to find out that our intranet server (the one I'd set up over 2 years ago) had been compromised in my absence and was filling up our bandwidth with connections to various IRC servers and apparently performing random port scans. It had been done through an old copy of AWStats that I'd forgotten was even installed on it (previously we didn't have port 80 open so keeping things up to date wasn't a top priority for us). What a nice Christmas present that was - still, I clearly needed a good kick in the teeth to knock some security sense into me.

I cleaned up the damage as best I could, but ultimately the only way to ensure that all backdoors etc. were removed was to completely re-install it (as far as I could tell they didn't get root access, but there's no way to be sure). Given this and various other issues we'd been having we decided to buy a brand new server and start afresh on that. Naturally it being all new hardware, getting Debian to work on it was a "fun" process, but it's all up and running now. Which is nice.

Things are still busy as ever at work, juggling fixing bugs and adding new features to our intranet with creating websites for various clients, doing contract work on another company's "extranet" and occasionally helping out with order processing and stock control.


I'm still playing World of Warcraft which has been consuming a rather large portion of my free time (partly responsible for my lack of activity on this weblog). I was recently promoted in our guild to Class Leader, which means I do the same thing as before but have extra responsibilities which consume even more time. Still, it's all good fun ☺. Our guild has now taken down all the bosses in the 2nd 40-man dungeon known as Blackwing Lair and is now busy working through the new Ahn'Qiraj instance.

Well that's about it, hopefully it won't be another 4 months till my next entry.

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