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I would like to quit both Game 1 and Game 2. I simply dont have enough time to play and also maintain balance in other areas of my life. - Random Voidwars Player #1

Going to take a holiday from this game. It's been great fun, but I *really* need to get on with real-life now. Thanks for the fun! - Random Voidwars Player #2

[17:10:17] <Hixie> xiven is ruining people's lives!

[20:15:56] <draq> Xiven: voidwars is ruining my life

Posted: 2003-06-21 12:27:33 UTC by Xiven | Cross-references (1) | Comments (2)


  • Xiven (Registered) (2003-09-08 08:49:06 UTC)

    [16:48:56] <Mr_Fisty> this game is ruining my life

  • Astat (2003-09-16 11:41:26 UTC)

    [19:46] <Astat> here, take a look [shows voidwars screenshots]
    [19:47] <^YKW^> looks liek pacman on crack to be honest :P